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Semen Guarantee

Santoro Swine Genetics will GUARANTEE the semen for 4 weeks from date of purchase. This means that if you breed your sow or gilt and she doesn't settle and comes back into heat within the 4 weeks, we will replace the semen, one time, for $5.00 per dose plus shipping and handling. In addition any Semen purchased for $100.00 per dose or more will be replaced free of charge, you will only have to pay shipping and handling. Santoro Swine Genetics warrants that the product sold is of adequate quality and viability for breeding swine at the time it leaves the farm. We do not however guarantee conception rate or breed purity of sires. In no event shall Santoro Swine Genetics be liable for consequential or incidental damages.


Purchase 3 doses of semen for the off season pricing, see each boar for that particular pricing! (Off Season pricing from November 11 until August 1).

Collection Details

Semen is available to be shipped Monday through Friday.  Semen is also available 7 days as week if picked up at the farm.  
We will try to accommodate all other needs as they arise.  

Cancellations must be made by 9:00 a.m. EST on Collection Day.

All semen is shipped UPS Next Day Air — Unless otherwise stated.
Semen is available for pick up at the farm 7 days a week


Cash, credit card (a 4% processing fee will be applied) or COD (payment must be by money order or cashier’s check)


In no event shall Santoro Swine Genetics be liable for consequential or incidental damages.

Breeding Certificates

Breeding Certificates are $35.00

Early Booking

All semen orders  booked at least one week in advance, buy two and get the 3rd dose for FREE and will carry our standard guarantee, see each boar for the original pricing. (special does not include and ½ price, discounted or replacement semen)



Also a good time to improve your sow herd! By buying our Elite Open or Bred Gilts!!

Open Gilts! If you purchase one of our open gilts, she can be bred to who you want, when you want, from one of our boars on stud, or you can take the gilt home and breed her yourself and we would supply you with the semen, for $5.00 per dose, plus shipping and handling (3 doses max. per purchase). There is additional cost for breeding and housing.

Bred Gilts! Purchase one of our Bred Gilts and we will supply you with semen to breed her back after you wean the litter. Again, for the same cost $5.00 per dose, plus shipping and handling you (3 doses max. pre purchase).

Please Contact Tony for pricing and availability of our gilts!


All semen orders booked at least one week in advance, buy two and get the 3rd dose for FREE and will carry our standard guarantee, see each boar for the original pricing. (special does not include and ½ price, discounted or replacement semen)

With the show season in full swing, State and County fairs going on, it is safe to say it is an exciting time of year!
With that being said, we are confident that the new boars we purchased this year are going to be a real game changer as well as a great addition to our herd this breeding season.


Sire: Misconception
Dam’s Sire: Next Intention

Regular $125.00 per dose
Off Season Pricing: 3 doses for $125.00
Semen is guaranteed.

More details coming soon


Master Mine X Master Mine

Regular $125.00 per dose
Off Season Pricing: 3 doses for $125.00.
Semen is guaranteed.

Masterpiece - Is a power boar that comes from a firm that has been known for making good Hampshire hogs, that breed on. We'd like to Thank George and Mike Watson for giving us the opporturity to own a boar that taps into the very heart of their breeding program. Masterpiece is Master Mine X Master Mine. Masterpiece is a square made hog that is as wide up front as he is in back and as wide up top as he is down low. His width is genuine with tons of muscle. Good structure for the amount of power and muscle he possesses. So if you're looking for a power boar that balances up well with a predicable pedigree give Masterpiece a shot. I don't think he'll disappoint. He should give you that extra power and muscle to your Hampshire hogs.

BIG BEN Hampshire

Sire: 2-4 Deep Impact
Dam’s Sire: 1-4 Natural

Regular $125.00 per dose
Off Season Pricing: 3 doses for $125.00.
Semen is guaranteed.

Click here to view additional photo.

BIG BEN – Here is a boar with growing power!  You want to talk about one that is just absolutely blown apart then take a look at this guy.  Big Ben is a product of several boars that had big influences in our sow herd.  His is sired by “Deep Impact” and out of a “Natural” sow.  His Granddam goes back to a boar that we lost far too quickly “Candy Cain”.  Candy Can was only here for a short period of time, but the boar had/has a positive influence on our herd.  You can view all those boars who had an influence in creating this massive boar on the “For Reference Only” on our website (santoroswinegenetics.com). 

  • Big Ben is a softer made kind of boar. 
  • He does not have that hard drier kind of muscle. 
  • Big Ben is a fast-growing boar
  • He is pulled apart end to end
  • with a moderate frame and tons of bone.

Big Ben has all this and, yet he is structurally correct, with great legs and feet. He is born and raised here at our farm…….We are thrilled and excited to offer semen on this unique boar!

Please see OUR Special Offer for additional deals!
(*Note you can mix and match boars and still get the Special Offer Pricing)


SIRE: IT'S ALL BETTER (It's All Good X Thunderbolt X First Turn)
DAM'S SIRE: CLYDESDALE (Point Maker x Drake (Black Oak + Capital Gain) $35,000 Boar at the 2016 Indiana State Fair.

Stress Negative – 100% pure

Regular $125.00 per dose
Off Season Pricing: 3 doses for $125.00.
Click here for an extended pedigree.

BOUND FOR GLORY, like his sires before him, has
• great big feet
• square toes
• heavy bone
• joints that are clean and flexible
• stout-skull; wide-chest; massive, square hip; and deep barrel rib.
• he has no problems getting up and going all day long.

This guy has that unique package of power, mass, muscle, and look all in one. With this outstanding package, he comes with a great personality and disposition. This guy will improve your Hampshire breeding program. We feel very fortunate to come across this guy and his name says it all, he is definitely Bound for Glory.



Please see OUR Special Offer for additional deals!
(*Note you can mix and match boars and still get the Special Offer Pricing)

ROCK SOLID Yorkshire

Torpedo Mountain x Torpedo Outsider

Regular $125.00 per dose
Off Season Pricing will be 3 doses for $125.00.

Click here for an extended pedigree.

We believe we have great Yorkshire Boar here with Rock Solid. We would like to start off by thanking Torpedo Farms for bringing him out and giving us an opportunity own this him. Rock Solid is a boar that hit us hard when we saw him in class at the WPX and even harder when we looked at him back in the barn. 

• Rock Solid proves to be thick and massive all the way though his body. 

• He is square made, blown apart and very deep sided. Rock Solid is long in his hams with a great tail set.

• His angles on his legs are excellent and he has strong pasterns both front and rear.

Additionally, Rock Solid length of body is ideal. His pedigree is an outcross to what is out there in the Yorkshire breed. We believe this guy is going to do great things in both the show ring, as well as in the farrowing house. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this one.   

Please see OUR Special Offer for additional deals!
(*Note you can mix and match boars and still get the Special Offer Pricing)

Reference Sires



Matter of Time X Chatter

Hoss - The very popular Hampshire Boar from the 2022 Exposition shown and raised by John Veach.
Hoss has two shots of John's Annie in him (Annie is the Dam of Chatter) and as well as Jessi (Dam of New Day Coming). John has raised several boars that are standing in boar studs today. He's been able to do that with just a hand full of sows. The sows in Hoss's pedigree have proven they can generate. It's not just the sire that makes the difference.



Natural x 777

Twin Peaks


Black Panther x Black Panther

WIN PEAKS is a unique individual in that he is a Black Panther on a Black Panther – Black Panther is the Sire “Marvel”, and if you have been following the Hampshire industry. “Marvel” has been leaving his mark on the Hampshire breed with Premier Sire awards at several national shows along with siring many class winners. Twin Peaks’ dam is a full littermate to the Marvel boar.



(Mental Rush X Big Stick x Final Drive)

777 --- Just like when you go to the casino, to play the slots, and hit on triple 777. We hit the jackpot with this one. From the first time we laid eyes on 777 a few words immediately came to mind.  Those are words like BONE, POWER, STOUT and MODERATE.  777 is extremely heavy boned hog with big feet and big even toes that are spread apart. 777 has a massive forearm going up to big bold chest. 777 has great extension of neck and head. He square made (square out of his shoulder to his loin), level topped all the way down to a long level rump and hind leg. He is pictured here at 13 months of age and just to see his mature and how he is put together. This is going to be a fun one to use, taking him to some of those Hamps and crosses.  If you’re making show barrows or gilts you hit the jackpot with this Boar. 

Breeder: Price Family Show Pig
Stress Carrier



Legacy x Meet Your Maker

Deep Impact –is another boar that is going to be fun to use, to see how far he is going to take the next generation.  Deep Impact was exhibited by Tegan Walker and was the Class 1 Hampshire winner at the WPX.  

• Deep Impact is extreme in his shape and in his muscle.

• He is long bodied on a moderate frame with a flexible skeleton.

• He has that extra width without sacrificing structural correctness.

There is a look about Deep Impact that is going to be hard to beat. If you are wanting to add that extra shape and dimension to your hogs, look no further, give Deep Impact a shot!

Click here for an extended pedigree.



SIRE: 1-4 Natural
DAM'S SIRE: 16-4 R U Kidding Me



This massive young boar was an off the farm purchase from Jim Grimm. You want talk about one that is a true Powerhouse. We are very excited to be able to add this guy to our lineup.
Natural is a stout made with absolute Massive feet and legs.Talk about true muscle and width, Natural is just blown apart from end to end, all this in a moderate package.Talk about one that just flat out has growing power.
Natural got his name because he was not played with at all. At Jim's place Natural was running with a group of other boars on a partial slated floor just on a commercial ration, and here, at our farm, he is just on our sow feed. So if you want to heavy them up or pull them apart give this guy a try. I don't think he will disappoint.



When we saw “R U Kidding Me” back in the barn, we saw a few things that we thought really stood out without taking him out of the pen -- How easily he got up off the floor, how deep chested he is; and how elevated he is at the point of his shoulders.When we saw R U Kidding Me in the show ring, he was very impressive. • How easily he motored around the ring• What was equally impressive is his levelness of top, his depth of side and his tail set• The design of his hip and hind legsStudy the scan data. Here is a Hampshire Boar that can grow. Here is another thing to look at, his pedigree, isn’t that why we keep pedigrees and breeding records. Look how his sire (Boy amongst Men) is bred. Point Maker on both side of R U Kidding Me’s pedigree. We all know what his sons and daughters’ have done in the Hampshire breed. So if you want a boar that is level topped, elevated at the point of his shoulder, deep chested, near perfect hip and hind legs, that is strong on this pastern. Give R U Kidding Me a try. I’m no salesman, we are just a family farm trying to breed better Hampshires.

Dueces Wild


Big Stride x Click

Deuces Wild was the youngest Hampshire boar at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. Deuces Wild was shown by H&H Hampshires and stood 2nd in the youngest class. At the time of the show this young boar was a little greener than the rest of the Hampshires. He still had the structural correctness, soundness, athleticism and flexibility that we are looking for in a boar. This guy can get up with ease and go all day long.

· He is clean about his head and neck.
· Takes long easy strides. · Moderate in his frame
· Extremely sound on his feet and legs
· Well-muscled, but not extreme. Deuces Wild’s maturity pattern is one that is youthful and fresh not dry and hard.

He can take your hogs to those heavier weights and still keep them looking youthful and fresh.




21-1 Carry On X 7-2 7-Up

Right On: What an outstanding Pedigree. Carry on has had many winners across the country and is now the most power packed sow line in the Hampshire industry. • Right On’s mother was a litter mate to the Champion Hampshire Barrow at the 2013 Ohio State Fair. • She raised the Hampshire Barrow Champion in the 2014 and the Reserve Champion in 2015. • Isla Grand Farm’s Carry On goes back to the 21-3 Tadpole sow, that goes back to the Cicada sow, that is responsible for so many great Hampshire in the Hampshire industry. Rick retained 2 gilts for his own herd, another gilt was Champion in the LA show.

SOA (Son of Anarchy)


We lost his daddy way to early (Anarchy), but we are extremely happy that we were able to keep one of the Anarchy’s best sons.  S.O.A. is already assuming his daddy’s role by being well designed and is showing signs of being an aggressive breeder (like father, like son).  We are confident that S.O.A. will follow in his father’s footsteps by making boars that are well designed and aggressive, and females that will also be well designed, easy to handle, cycle regularly, milk like a Jersey cow, and breed back. Just a little side note, some of the best gilts we sold and retained at the farm  over the last couple of years were sired by Anarchy.
When it comes to being a true breeding piece S.O.A. is a very fine specimen. S.O.A. is very well balanced. Extremely well designed and structurally correct. S.O.A. is big topped, square made with excellent feet and leg design. S.O.A is very youthful, in his appearance and is very flexible.



His pedigree comes from two proven firms that have stood the test of time in the Yorkshire breed. Buck-I was the class winner in the youngest boar class at the Summer Type Conference, which was one best Yorkshire boar shows that we have seen in a long time. Buck-I is a boar that is correct in his makeup. He is correct in his feet and legs with excellent angle to his feet, and big even toes. Buck-I is extremely square made, with big bone and just the right amount of muscle to get the job done. As he grows, he just keeps getting better. Don't miss out on a chance to use this guy!
Breeder: Randal Buck

Proven One


(Point Proven X The One and Only)

Proven One’s littermate boar was the high selling boar at the 2014 Indiana State Fair and a Litter mate barrow brought Grand Champion. I have always said “You don’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been”. That’s true in everything: especially in breeding hogs. Looking at Proven One and the tremendous litter this boar came from. Proven One is solid from the ground up, he has big, big even toes; he’s flexible; his legs go the way they are supposed to go. He is square as you can make one on both front and rear; he is blown apart; his legs are inside his skeleton.
Breeder: Bernard Farm



(Best Yet X Head On)

Phenom----We would like to first start out by Thanking Boyd Morrow and family for giving us the opportunity to bring this genetic giant to Ohio. Phenom is a heads up boar that is very athletic. He motors around the farm with long smooth stride. Phenom has a near perfect hip and hind leg with a tremendous tail set. His ham loin junction is second to none. Phenom is as square as you could make one. Phenom will add width, power and structure no matter whether you are going to use him to make crosses or in a purebred program.

Breeder: Morrow Farms Owned with: Boyd Morrow and family



111-2 Head Tuner x Oh-My

Wt. 320. Bf. .85. Lea 9.2. Wda. 1.71

I want to start off by thanking one of the Premier Hampshire Breeders in the country --- The Cain family--- for giving us the opportunity to own this genetic giant. We are very excited to be able to use this young prospect.  Study the picture from the ground up and try to pick this one apart. For starters, Candy – Cain has that boar attitude.

Candy – Cain has big even toes and look at the angles on his feet going up to that massive forearm, he long in his hams. Extremely level topped ---------Deep sided-------- Tall at the point of the shoulders------- Up Headed ---------- Bold chested. 




This Jack is going to deal you a real good hand. He placed 1st in his Class at the Indiana State Fair and is ½ Brother to the Reserve Champion at the Summer Type Conference. We like this guy because he is structurally very correct. ONE-EYED JACK is one of the most level Hampshire’s we have owned, with great legs and feet. (If your Hampshire’s or any of your Females are lacking in this area, you really need to take a look at this guy and use him). ONE-EYED JACK has just enough body to make great females. If you need to Breed Females that will be able to get in and out of crates, be able to get up and down without problems, walk, have longevity on your farm and still look great, you need to use this boar.
Breeder: Brandon Yantis
OWNED WITH: Eric McElroy and Family



(Power Point X Soda Pop)

Power Pop----Congratulation to the Kevin Wendt and the Wendt Family for showing the Reserve Champion and Second High Selling boar at the 2014 Ohio State Fair. Here is a real unique breeding piece. Power Pop is a line-bred mating using Power Point, the 2013 Ohio State Fair grand champion boar, bred back to his mother. His sire goes back to Point Maker (we all know what he’s been doing). The dam of PowerPop is an awesome pig raiser and has produced the Reserve Grand Champion barrows in both the open and junior show, the Champion carcass barrow and the Grand and Reserve Champion boars at the Ohio State fair. Tremendous muscle shape and width of top packed into a heavy structured skeleton with great athletic movement in a fraction bigger package than most. We were very excited to add PowerPop to our already strong Hampshire boar lineup. With his pedigree and bred in predictability we expect great things from this boar and believe he can produce banner winning Hampshire and Elite Crossbreds. Call and order early on PowerPop.

Breeder: Wendt Livestock
Owned with: Sugarcreek Farm and Jenerra Genetics




We were impressed with this boar when we first purchased him, and if that wasn’t good enough he has maturing into one of the finest boars on our farm. TALK ABOUT A CORRECT BOAR IN EVERY WAY, SHAPE AND FORM! He has matured into a massive, heavy-boned boar and is open from end to end, with good SOUND feet and legs. COMING HOME has tons of muscle, a big groove and holds this altogether, is able to get up, down and can still take long easy strides without any problems. COMING HOME is a stout made boar that is moderate in both frame and body. COMING HOME will add mass and correctness to your Hamps and make your crossbreds even more competitive. He just keeps getting better and better. Boy, we are not disappointed and we believe that you will not be disappointed either!!!
Breeder: Hurlimen Brothers



Magic Touch (MAGIC STICK x MAJOR FEAT x LUCKY) x Biohazard (Toxic X Anchor X Messiah)

285# 0.81 BF 8.1 LEA 1.57 WDA

Click here to view additional photos.
Anarchy is a stout made hog that is moderate in his frame size. Anarchy has flat heavy bones, and he is big footed with big even toes. Anarchy is square made; with a big powerful top (he is powerful from the ground up). Anarchy is a boar that also has a very flexible skeleton. Anarchy can get up and go; he'll motor all day long! All of this and He is NEGATIVE to stress!
Breeder: Burke Family, In



(BOLN1 Homemade x JLM9 Affirmative)

Barrow Maker – Barrow Maker – Barrow Maker That was the first thought that ran through my head when I first laid eyes on him. HomeBrew is an EXTRA Wide made, EXTRA Big Topped boar that has a Big Groove going down his back with a Big Dimple above this tail. You could probably roll a golf ball down his back and I’ll bet it would roll straight down and it would lay up in that Dimple. HomeBrew, also has a big bold rib and chest. HomeBrew is a big hipped hog with wide spacing between his hind legs. He’s the kind of boar that can add muscle and that SHOW PIG LOOK to his offspring.



(JSED Sterling Silver 1-1 x GBJG7 Beach Bum 11-6)

Click here to view additional photos.

The Class Winning Boar, in the youngest class, at the 2011 Ohio State Fair. In the short time he has been at the farm, he has matured into an impressive young Hampshire. Silver Lining is square made out of his shoulder all the way down his top to his ham/loin junction, with a big groove down his top and a big old dimple above his tail. He is extremely level in his structure, with excellent foot placement. This is a boar that needs to be used if you are trying to put soundness back in your herd and show pigs. He just may be the Silver Lining you are looking for.
Breeder: Wendt Livestock




305# 0.81BF 10.4 LEA 1.53 WDA

Y-NOT is a tremendously sound functional boar. He has excellent feet and legs (he walks like every boars should). Y-NOT is massive, heavy-boned and wide/open from end to end (especially from his chest, his loins down through his hocks). So if you are looking for a pure Hampshire to add power and body with a proven pedigree, use Y-NOT and we are sure that you will not be disappointed!
Breeder: Adrian Brown (The Brown Family)


Santoro Sire 2018 Winners
Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners – we are very proud of all of them and their hard work:
Sara Spicer – Grand Champion Hog – Warren County Fair PA
Caleb Ace – 1st Place in his Class - Warren County Fair – PA
Marissa Smith – Grand Champion in her weight class – Clarion County Fair – OH
Kalie Minnick – Grand Champion Carcass Swine – Clarion County Fair – 4-H & FFA – OH
Kade Minnick – Reserve Heavy Weight Division Champion in the Market Class – Clarion County Fair - OH
Kailey Backer – Grand Champion Carcass Hog - Columbiana County Fair – OH
Alexis Snair – Reserve Champion Carcass Hog - Carroll County Junior Fair - OH

Santoro Sire Winners
Congratulations to all of the winners at the 2017 Clay County Agriculture Fair!! Ricky Bagley purchased semen out of 777 which produced several winners at the 2017 Clay County Agriculture Fair in Florida.

Bound for Glory